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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Coil Stock Reels from CoilMate® / Dickerman®

CoilMate® / Dickerman® offer a broad range of coil reels (also known as uncoilers and / or stock reels) and accessories that meet the demands of precision control at high production levels. Plain and Motorized, single or double spindle models are available with capacities of 1,600 lbs. to 8,000 lbs. and widths from 18" to 30". Other Coil Reel sizes and configurations can be provided from one of our sister companies, Cooper-Weymouth, Peterson, or Rowe Machinery and Manufacturing, providing a complementary fit with the CoilMate®/Dickerman® line of Coil Reels. Our Coil Reels feature superior, three-arm mandrel design, providing rugged reliability and smooth payoff of material.

Rugged stock coil reels from CoilMate/Dickerman

Light to Medium Duty Coiled Stock Reels

Rugged 2R through 4R coil reels are available from CoilMate® / Dickerman® as plain or motorized, single or double spindles. CoilMate is able to provide you with uncoilers of uncompromising quality.

Dual Stock Reel For less change-over time

Single or Dual Coil Configurations are Available

  • Special O.D. and I.D. provisions
  • Powered Expansions
  • Powered Thread-UpDrive
  • Drum Manderel Segments
  • High Speed Brake Provisions
  • Automatic Tension Brake
  • Adjustable Sub-base AC or DC Modulating drives
  • Special Loop Control Arrangements
  • Hold-down Arms
  • Back-up Discs
  • Powered Indexing on Double Reels

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