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Wednesday, August 12, 2020


Special purpose equipment you can rely on from CoilMate®/Dickerman®

CoilMate®/Dickerman® can build highly rugged specialty equipment for your metal processing operation. Contact us today to see the productivity enhancing solutions we will build to your specs for you. Unleash your companies productivity today with CoilMate®/Dickerman®.


Servo feed/pull-through straightener Image

Servo feed/pull-through straightener

The servo feed/pull-through straightener configuration provides a cost-effective and space-saving solution for a variety of coil processing applications. Our feed/pull-through straighteners provide maximum pulling power and gripping force to position the material precisely to length at required production rates while also providing the power to straighten the material.

Zig-Zag servo feed from CoilMate, call for application information

Zig-Zag Servo Feed

Our zig-zag servo feed configurations offer dramatic productivity advantages in stagger feeding. Zig-zag feed controls are operator friendly and automatically calculate and set up all machine parameters quickly and accurately. CoilMate®/Dickerman® zig-zag feeds provide fast, easy set-up in dual axis format. The control automatically calculates the optimum movement in each axis and the feed simultaneously delivers the material in X-Y movement.

CoilMates Push/Pull System

Push/Pull System

The Push/Pull system is designed to be used in applications where long feed lengths with thin material are being processed. The exit unit can be adjusted to have slightly greater feed length than the entry to keep material from binding within the tooling. Also ideal for applications where it is necessary to remove and clear a small skeleton from the tooling.

Parts Straighteners and Thin Coil Stock Straighteners

Small Parts and Thin Coil Stock Straighteners

The CoilMate®/Dickerman® line of Precision Parts Straighteners and high performance Thin Coil Straighteners are engineered to maximize your productivity. The two-point top straightener roll bank adjustment makes setup fast, easy and accurate. Extraordinary material flatness can be achieved with the 17 all powered straightening rolls of small diameters on close centers. Residual material stress is also removed providing very stable parts and material.

Complete small footprint system -- when floorspace is at a premium

18" Coil Feeding System

Coilmate® offers a variety of conventional coil handling systems. Shown is an 18" x .125" x 8,000lb. convention coil system. The servofeed is on an adjustable height cabinet base (with +/- 4" of adjustment) it has a 500 job memory, and has standard features for quick connection to any press. The straightener has an angle head design, modulating drive with ultrasonic loop control, bank type adjustment for quick two point operator adjustment for roll settings, dial indictors for quick reference of roll settings and a tie bracket to the stock reel for quick and easy alignment. The stock reel has a pneumatic hold down arm, coil arm spacers and full adjustable coil keepers for quick and easy positioning of the coils. This system is easy to use and offers the flexibility to process a variety of materials.

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