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Tuesday, June 25, 2019


ServoMatic® V 6" and 12" Servo Roll Feeds from Dickerman®

The ServoMatic® V 6" and 12" Servo Roll Feeds offer greater performance at a value driven price. Provides quick adjustments with no tools, closed loop accuracy and long-life dependability with precision gear drive and high performance brushless servo motor. The SMV6 and SMV12 Servo Feeds come standard with Pneumatic Roll Lift, while the SMV 11 HS has a mechanical Roll Lift arrangement.

ServoMatic Roll Feed

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ServoMatic® V Servo Roll Feed - Specifications

Model(s): SMV6, SMV12, SMV 11 HS*

Width: SMV6           6"   (152.400mm)
SMV12         12" (304.800mm)
SMV 11 HS   11" (279.400mm)

Thickness: SMV6           .125" (3.175mm)
SMV12         .078" (1.981mm)
SMV 11 HS   .078" (1.981mm)

Feed Length: SMV6           999.999" (25.39mm)
SMV12         999.999" (25.39mm)
SMV 11 HS   999.999" (25.39mm)
* High Speed Mechanical Roll Lift