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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


Dickerman® Servo Roll Feeds

Now you can get CoilMate®/Dickerman® Servo Roll Feeds loaded with standard features that would be optional on competitive models. All for some of the lowest prices in the industry. All CoilMate®/Dickerman® servo roll feeds deliver fast set-up and outstanding accuracy across a wide variety of materials and applications. The ServoMax® Servo Feed can be quickly mounted to a punch press, making the ServoMax® the #1 choice for Servo Feed press users.

ServoFeeds in Production

Dickerman® Standard Mechanical Features

  • Full Width Rolls
  • Brushless Motor Technology
  • Resolver Position Feedback
  • Gear driven Upper Roll
  • Sealed Bearings
  • Pilot Release
  • Quick-release Cam Lock Edge Guides
  • Entry Cascade Rolls
  • Precision Gear Drive


Dickerman® Standard Control Features

  • Jog Feed: Jogs material to a preset length
  • Remote Jog Pendant
  • 500 Job Memory
  • Imperial or Metric length input
  • Batch Counter
  • RS232 Download Capability
  • In-Motion refinement of feed lengths with simple +/- keystroke
  • Operator friendly Keypad


Dickerman® Servo Feeds Optional Features

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

(2) Piece bracket design with a jack screw arrangement for up to 3" of passline height adjustment. Allows for the servo feed to be mounted directly to the press.
Adjustable Cabinet Base A rugged steel weldment cabinet is furnished to a customer-specified passline height suited to the application. Passline height adjustment is provided via a handcrank for up to 8" of adjustment.
Adjustable Floor Stand The unique gib-guided, self-leveling design allows for quick and accurate passline height adjustment of up to 6" and allows the stand to hold its position once set, eliminating the need to secure the servo feed to the press.
Handwheel Adjusted Self-Centering Edge Guides Our edge guides provide superior adjustable edge guidance control for varying stock widths from a single point of adjustment. Guides incorporate a slip-gear configuration to allow off-center operation where required.
Step-Down Transformer Can be used to provide three phase power from 440V through 480V and is able to protect the unit from servo feed killing power spikes.
Touch Screen Control Highly operator friendly upgrade that provides for increased job memory and feed capabilities, in addition to programmability, for automatic set-up of the entire feed system, called up by job number.
Automatic Central Lubrication Utilizing an air pump and electric timer, this option facilitates maintenance by ensuring properly metered lubrication to all critical points of the servo roll feed.
Single Point Lubrication All critical lubrication points of the servo feed are plumbed to a common manifold with a single grease fitting for ease of maintenance.

Additional Available Options

  • High Speed Pneumatic Roll Lift (up to 200 SPM)
  • High Speed Single Cylinder Roll Lift (up to 400 SPM)
  • High Speed Software Package
  • Dual Regulator Pneumatic System
  • Telescoping Stock Support Assembly
  • Stock Lubricators
  • Polyurethane & Smooth Chrome Roll Packages
  • Air Cylinder Spacers for Increased Feed Roll Opening
  • Spring Kit to Modify Roll Lift for Thin Materials
  • Spanish Language Keypad
  • Push-Pull Servo Feeds
  • Zig-Zag Servo Feeds
  • Pull-Thru Straighteners
  • Additional Options: Consult Factory

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