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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


CoilMate® Scrap Choppers

CoilMate® Scrap Choppers cut your scrap collection problems down to size and allow you to easily store your skeleton strip for collection. Three high-performance scrap chopper models are available to minimize scrap handling and save floor space. These models are available for versatility from job to job and press to press.

Scrap Chopper Blade Assy.

Scrap Chopper Blade Assembly

  • Orbital motion on cutting blade
  • Features only 1 moving part
  • Only 2 faces to sharpen
Scrap Chopper Advertisement

Scrap Choppers

  • Rugged cast base construction
  • Equal blade opening at each end accepts material
  • Reciprocating guide chute frees up skeleton stock
  • Tilting arrangement accommodates material flow
  • Simple maintenance


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