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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


CoilMate® Pallet Decoilers

Pallet decoiling, a technology pioneered by CoilMate® , has rapidly become standard equipment for the metal stamping and rollforming industries worldwide. CoilMate's patented line of pallet decoilers typically cut coil-changing downtime up to 90 percent or more. In many operations, this increases overall production by one-third or better. Because CoilMate® is both designer and manufacturer, we can meet your special size, gauge and production requirements. We can alter platform size, dancer arm assemblies, speed controls and add various non-contact loop controls to meet your most demanding applications. Open up a new world of production possibilities with CoilMate® / Dickerman® products for more profitable coil and material processing.

EZ 5048's ready for crating

EZ 5048's ready for crating

The Model EZ5048 decoilers are rated for 5000 lb. capacity and can handle up to 48” diameter coils. The EZ model uses a DC regenerative drive control coupled with a dancer arm and analog proximity switch to smoothly match the line speed. This system decelerates at the same rate that it accelerates, regardless of if the pallet is full or almost empty.


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