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Tuesday, September 29, 2020


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CoilMate/Dickerman Product line-up

Are you feeding your 21st Century pressline with 19th Century technology? Traditional methods of loading coil stock - workers handling each coil individually with forklifts and hoists - are efficiency bottlenecks. New methods of quick coil changeover and smooth stock feeding offer tremendous gains in overall productivity. Pallet decoiling, a technology pioneered by CoilMate® , Inc., has rapidly become standard equipment for the metal stamping and rollforming industries worldwide.

CoilMate®/Dickerman® not only offers the finest quality productivity enhancing Pallet Decoilers, but also these other fine catagories of equipment all designed in the USA with the small gauge coiled material processing industry in mind.

CoilMate Pallet Decoilers

Pallet Decoilers

Pallet decoiling, a technology pioneered by CoilMate® , has rapidly become standard equipment for the metal stamping and rollforming industries worldwide. CoilMate's patented line of pallet decoilers typically cut coil-changing downtime up to 90 percent or more. In many operations, this increases overall production by one-third or better.

CoilMate Traverse Pallet Decoilers

Traverse Decoilers

Traverse decoilers provide you with flexible choices
and because CoilMate® is both designer and manufacturer, we can meet your special size, gauge and production requirements. We can alter platform size, dancer arm assemblies, speed controls and add various non-contact loop controls to meet your most demanding applications.

CoilMate/Dickerman Coil Stock Reels

Coil Stock Reels

Rugged 2R through 4R coil reels are available from CoilMate®/ Dickerman® as plain or motorized, single or double spindles. CoilMate® is able to provide you with uncoilers of uncompromising quality.

CoilMate/Dickerman Straightener offerings


The CoilMate®/Dickerman® line of high performance coil straighteners are engineered to maximize your productivity with more standard features that would be considered optional on competitive equipment.

Space saving combinations from CoilMate Dickerman

Combination Equipment

Our Combination Stock Reel Power Straightener units are built in compliance with ANSI B11.18 standards which have been adopted by OSHA as safety guidelines for coil processing machinery. When floorspace is at a premium CoilMate®/Dickerman® can provide you with a highly effective solution, we're not saying it will grow your hair back in, but you will be able to produce more with less floorspace.

CoilMate Dickerman Scrap Choppers

Scrap Choppers

CoilMate® Scrap Choppers cut your scrap collection problems down to size and allow you to easily store your skeleton strip for collection. Three high-performance scrap chopper models are available to minimize scrap handling and save floor space. These models are available for versatility from job to job and press to press.

CoilMate Dickerman Servo Feeds

Servo Feeds

Now you can get CoilMate®/Dickerman® Servo Roll Feeds loaded with standard features that would be optional on competitive models. All for some of the lowest prices in the industry. All CoilMate®/Dickerman® servo roll feeds deliver fast set-up and outstanding accuracy across a wide variety of materials and applications.

CoilMate Dickerman Push / Pull Special Purpose Unit

Special Purpose Equipment

CoilMate®/Dickerman® can build rugged specialty equipment for your small gauge coiled metal processing operation. Contact us today to see the highly cost effective solutions we have in store for you. Unleash your productivity today with CoilMate®/Dickerman®.

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