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Member of the Formtek Group, a consortium of best in class manufacturers

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In 1987, We started a Coil Handling Revolution...

In 1987 we introduced our line of CoilMate® Pallet Decoilers. Not content to be a one product company, we kept right on inventing, meeting our customers' most demanding applications. No other manufacturer of pallet decoilers can match the ideas, experience and expertise of CoilMate®. Today we offer over 42 solutions for decoiling and recoiling for strip and wire. In 1998, the Dickerman® product line was merged into the CoilMate® product offerings creating the CoilMate® / Dickerman® line of high quality, productivity enhancing coil handling products. Bring us your application; we'll find a solution.


Your single source for small gauge coil and material processing equipment.

CoilMate® / Dickerman® is the only manufacturer you need for all your narrow width, light gauge coil and material processing applications. Products include a variety of stock payoff reels, pallet decoiling and rewinding equipment, straighteners, servo feeds and even scrap choppers.

Continuing to define the category

Durability is the hallmark of CoilMate/Dickerman coil handling products.

Unsurpassed Durability

Shop-proven CoilMate® / Dickerman® equipment provides unsurpassed value and dependability for thousands of manufacturers.

CoilMate/Dickerman products are backed by 24 hr support when needed.

Unsurpassed Support

All products are backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty and are available for quick shipment.

CoilMate/Dickerman coil handling products help you do more with less.

Unsurpassed Profitability

Open up a new world of production possibilities with CoilMate® / Dickerman® products for more profitable coil and material processing.


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